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Protected Wildlife Areas and Endangered Wildlife (Balochistan)

The protected areas notified in Balochistan include 2 national parks, 14 wildlife sanctuaries, 08 game reserves, 01 community game reserve, and 05 private game reserves. The combined area of the national parks, game reserves and wild life sanctuaries is 2,023,775 HA, whereas the total area of private and community-owned game reserves is 300 km2.

The following table shows the area, location and habitat-type of all Protected Areas of Balochistan:

Name Location Area (HA) Habitat
National Parks (Balochistan)
Hazarganji-Chilton National Park Quetta and Mastung 15,555 Dry Temperate Semi Evergreen Scrub Forest
Hingol National Park Lasbela, Gwadar, Awaran 610,043 Dry Sub Tropical Semi Evergreen Scrub Forest
Wildlife Sanctuaries (Balochistan)
Khurkhera Lasbela 18,345 Tropical Thorn Forests
Buzi Makola Gwadar 145,101 Tropical Thorn Forests
Chorani Khuzdar 19,433 Dry Subtropical, Semi Evergreen Scrub Forest
Kachao Khuzdar 21,660 Sand Dune Forest
Shahaan Khuzdar 29,555 Dry Temperate
Raghai Rakhshan Kharan 125,425 Desert Scrub Forests
Kolwah Kap Kech/Awaran 33,198 Tropical Thorn Forests
Maslakh Pishin 46,559 Dry Temperate Semi Evergreen Scrub Forest
Ziarat Ziarat 37,247 Juniper Forests
Sasnamana Ziarat 6,607 Dry Temperate Juniper Forests
Gut Chagai 165,992 Desert Scrub Forest
Koh-e-Gishk Kalat 24,356 Dry Temperate Forests
Ras Koh Kharan 99,498 Dry Tropical Thorn Forests/Sand Dune Forest
Chhapar Kohan Khuzdar 194,616 Subtropical Dry Semi Evergreen Scrub Forest
Game Reserves (Balochistan)
Dureji Lasbela 178,259 Kirthar Range, Rocky Slopes, Dry Stream-Bed Plains, and Wetlands
Bund Khushdil Khan Pishin 1,296 Wetland; Shallow Water Storage Dam
Zangi Nawar Chagai 1,069 Wetland; A Series of 22 Lakes in the Middle of Sand Dunes that Store Water
Gogi Ziarat 10,364 Juniper Forests
Wam Ziarat 3,887 Juniper Forest
Zawakhan Chagai 1,060 For the conservation and preservation of Markhor and Urial
Kambran Chagai 211,433 Nuclear Test Site
Duzdara and Koh-e-Sorko Quetta 2,351 Dry Temperate Semi Evergreen Scrub Forest
Private Game Reserves (Balochistan)
Hapursi Kalat Since the area has not been notified yet, no other data is available
Tobati Kalat Dry Temperate Forest
Daher Khuzdar Tropical Thorn Forest
Gaj Kolachi (Kinjoo) Khuzdar Subtropical Thorn Forest
Lohindo Khuzdar Tropical Thorn Forest
Community Conservation Areas (Balochistan)
Torghar Qila Saifullah 1800 Dry Temperate Forest

Table 2.10 Protected Areas Balochistan

Some of the wildlife enjoying protected status in Balochistan includes:

  • Mammals
    • Desert shrew, Indian wolf, sand cat, sand fox, king fox, goitered gazelle, jird, Sindh ibex, Chinkara gazelle, pangolin, leopard, black bear, straight horned markhor, dolphins, and Afghan urial
  • Reptiles
    • Marsh crocodile, and green turtles
  • Avi Fauna
    • Houbara Bustard, dalmation pelican, spot billed pelican, whooper swan, marbled teal, chakor, and all game birds

Houbara Bustard is the provincial bird.