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Heritage Buildings/ Monuments; Sindh Province

Sindh is home to 211 monuments that are protected by the laws of the Government of Sindh and 126 buildings protected under Government of Pakistan laws. In addition, the Makli Hills necropolis, and the Mohen-jo-Daro archeological site are on the list of World Heritage Sites.

Important historical towns and sites of Sindh include:

  • Thatta: It has been an important industrial and trade center in early Islamic and medieval periods. It was also a center of learning, with numerous madrassahs, and schools of higher learning
  • Shikarpur: It has some of the most beautiful local architecture in Pakistan. It was located on the trade route to Iran and Central Asia from 1599 to 1843
  • Sukkur, Bhukkur, Rohri, Hyderabad, and Sehwan: These have important Historical monuments and buildings. Please see individual districts for details
  • Mohana People of Dadu district, with their house boats: These boats are constructed with intricate mirror work and embedded floral and geometric patterns
  • Karachi: Historic sites like the Rato Kot Fort in the vicinity of Korangi Creek, believed to be a settlement contemporary of Debal/ Bhambore. Baked earthen balls used in cannons, glazed tiles, and other artifacts have been discovered scattered in this region, belonging to the prehistoric era
  • Memon Goth, Malir: Chawkandi Graveyard of the 17th century and containing tombs of Baloch Rulers
  • Manora Island: Manora Fort (1784), captured by Sir Charles Napier
  • Malir, Karachi: Dumlotti wells dug by the British along the banks of Malir River in the 19th century

Figure 1.16 A Mohana House Boat


Figure 1.17 Chowkandi Tombs, Memon Goth

Sindh Districts

  • Karachi
  • Badin
  • Dadu
  • Ghotki
  • Hyderabad
  • Jacobabad
  • Jamshoro
  • Kashmore
  • Khairpur
  • Larkana
  • Matiari
  • Mirpurkhas
  • Nuashero Feroze
  • Sanghar
  • Shahdadkot
  • Shaheed Benazirabad
  • Shikarpur
  • Sukkhur
  • Tando AllahYar
  • Tando Mohammad Khan
  • Tharparkar
  • Thatta
  • Umerkot