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Endangered Wildlife Pakistan

Endangered Fauna Pakistan

The Indus River dolphin, snow leopard, Balochistan bear, markhor, Marco Polo sheep, blue sheep, ibex, houbara bustard, woolly flying squirrel, fin whale and blue whale, blackbuck, fishing cat, argali, dugong, wild goat, Sindh bat, Eurasian otter, mouflon, Mediterranean horseshoe bat, humpback whale, as well as the Asiatic black bear are all considered threatened.

Mugger crocodile, green turtles, Ganges soft-shelled turtle, and gavial (gharyal) are endangered reptiles in Pakistan.

Endangered Flora Pakistan

The old Juniper forests of Ziarat, mangrove forests, medicinal herbs like Astragalus clarkeanus (milk vetch), Asperula oppositifolia subsp (a kind of grass), Baltistanica (a species of berberri), Berberis pseudoumbellata subsp. Gilgitica, Haplophyllum gilesii and Tenacetum baltistanicum are critically endangered, and Aconitum violaceum var. weileri and Rhodiola saxifragoides are vulnerable.


















Figure 1.14 National Parks of Pakistan




















Figure 1.15 Wetlands of Pakistan