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Picnic Spots/Recreational Areas; Sindh Province

There are a large number of areas where families can gather and spend quality time with each other in each district of Sindh province. Sindh offers beaches, lakes, gardens, and cinema houses, all of which are used by families looking for recreation.

Some important beaches, all within driving distance of Karachi include:

  • Clifton Beach
  • Hawkesbay Beach
  • Paradise Point
  • French Beach
  • Sandspit Beach

Some important lakes, some of which are also categorized as Wildlife Sanctuaries and Reserves, include:

  • Khadeji Falls
  • Haleji Lake
  • Kinjhar Lake
  • Nurri Lagoon
  • Drigh Lake
  • Manchar Lake

Other attractions including historical sites, gardens, monuments and national parks include:

  • Kirthar National Park
  • Chawkandi Tombs
  • Bhambore
  • Makli Hills
  • Mohen-jo-Daro
  • Gorakh Hills
  • Safari Park (Karachi)
  • Botanical Gardens (Khairpur)
  • Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum (Karachi)
  • Ranikot Fort (Jamshoro)
  • Mir Shahbaz-jo-Qubo (Sanghar)
  • Hala and Bhitshah Tehsils (Matiari) famous for handicrafts
  • Bhitshah (Matiari)
  • Tomb of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Sehwan (Jamshoro)
  • Daraza Sharif (Khairpur)
  • Kot Diji (Khairpur)
  • Amri Mounds (Dadu)

Many districts of Sindh have marketplaces specializing in a variety of items ranging from modern to traditional and handmade goods.

Figure 1.18 Paradise Point Beach Karachi